We have two more scams to watch for when travelling.

First is a currency exchange scam.  Getting your currency exchanged at a reputable bank or official exchange counter is the best way to stay safe.  Criminal organizations are offering the service at convenient locations using calculators that are rigged  to deliberately miscalculate the exchange rates.  Of course the miscalculation will always be in their favour, but unless you’re familiar with rates, you may not recognize the discrepancy.

The second scam comes in the form of a taxi meter.  Drivers in many parts of the world are adept at taking you for a ride – physically and financially!  Before calling for a taxi, ask around to get an idea of approximate taxi fares to certain destinations.  And when you get in the taxi, make sure the starting number on the meter is an amount you agreed to.

You may experience unexpected costs when you’re on a trip, but don’t make the problem worse by also being scammed.   Travel safely!

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