Module 7 – Complete Your Project

We have three items in Module 7, which make your Performance Planning project complete.

First, an Employee Career and Training Plan.  This is the “employee feedback and engagement tool”, which all employees would complete just prior to each fiscal year-end.  The employee is able to identify training they feel they need, outline their short term and long term career goals, and provide genuine feedback on the organization and their place in it.  There is provision on the Workplan / Appraisal for management-approved training to be included in the Workplan for the coming year.

Second, a Duty Roster.  This is a simple form for delegating smaller tasks that don’t qualify as “Key Responsibilities” and hence, aren’t included on Job Descriptions.  It also allows Supervisory Staff to rotate certain tasks among staff members.

Third, some tips and guidelines for program implementation and the appraisal process.  The success of the program, in improving productivity and employee job satisfaction, will depend on the degree to which the entire program is completely implemented and continuously maintained.

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