Once you have your Organizational Chart developed and the best quality people filling the spaces on the Chart, it’s time to create a Job Description for each position. For those organizations that have been in operation for some time, we find that when there are 10 to 20 people on staff, Job Descriptions become a necessity. The more positions there are, the sooner overall productivity will improve through the addition of Job Descriptions.

We have found that having Owners, Managers or other Supervisory staff attempting to create Job Descriptions is neither accurate nor efficient, so we have developed a Job Description Worksheet. This is designed to get the employee’s help and participation in developing the Job Descriptions based on what they are actually doing at the present time. However, we find it extremely beneficial to provide an Introductory Letter drafted and distributed with the Worksheet attached.  A sample Introductory Letter is included with this Module, along with Guidelines to help you develop your own Job Descriptions.

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