Employees need to know about the expectations of the organization with regard to conduct and behavior. This Module provides you with a Basic Personnel Policy that will outline company terms and condition, as well as expected behavior in the following areas:

  1. Employee Responsibilities. Includes appearance, hygiene, communication, use of electronic devices and confidentiality.
  2. Customer / Client / Patient Relations. Includes client communication and handling of complaints.
  3. General. Includes recognized statutory holidays, lunch and rest periods, overtime, leaves of absence, vacation time and work scheduling.
  4. Computer and Internet Use. Includes use of company equipment for personal purposes, use of passwords, security, etiquette.
  5. Personal Information Protection. Practices pertaining to collection, storage, use and disclosure of client and employee personal information.
  6. Discipline

1. Major Violations. A list of infractions resulting in immediate dismissal.

2. Minor Violations. A list of infractions resulting in a multi-step disciplinary process.

This Basic Personnel Policy should be edited to match business or organizational needs, local and provincial or state legislation. Over time, new clauses can be added as required.

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