This is the first option to create a Custom Performance Management Program for your organization or business.  We will develop the program specifically for you and your operation, it’s custom made to meet your needs.

We will have you answer some basic questions and then prepare  a formal proposal for you, which includes the scope of work, steps in the process and your participation in the program development.  As a minimum, you will receive:

  • A Basic Personnel Policy
  • A Job Description for each position
  • An Orientation Checklist for each position
  • A Workplan / Appraisal for each employee
  • Forms to complete the program – An Introduction Letter to employees, an Employee Career Plan, a Duty Roster
  • Guidelines on how to use the program, score Appraisals and conduct Appraisal Interviews
  • Training and assistance with the first set of Appraisals, if required.

Please contact us for a no-cost consultation if you’re interested in a Custom Performance Management Program.  Click here