Callcraft Consulting has been helping businesses and organizations improve productivity and employee job satisfaction for more than 12 years. The programs and related documents, as well as seminars and workshops, have been developed based on more than 35 years in business operations and management. This website has been established to make these valuable tools available to business and organization owners and managers worldwide.



Visit our Performance Planning page for an overview of the three versions available to you: our Custom Program just for your organization, our Do-It-Yourself Program, providing you with seven distinct Modules to develop your own program, and our complete industry specific packages that may only require a bit of editing for your business.


Visit our Seminars and Workshops page to see what we have in live sessions as well as online offerings. Then see our Associates and Affiliates page for a wide range of staff training and motivation, leadership training and specific technical skills training.


Learn how LegalShield and Identity Theft Shield memberships can help owners and managers directly, and how those same programs can improve employee productivity and job satisfaction through the Employee Group Plan. Also visit our LegalShield website at


Learn about the various tools available from Profiles International for an overview of available programs and to improve your recruitment and employee management processes.


We have articles on Performance Management and what you can expect from the complete and consistent implementation of such a program. Come back to visit this page often, as we will be adding articles periodically.