There are three elements in Module 6.

First, the Workplan / Appraisal form for Management employees, which includes the following sections:

Section “A” – Numerical Objectives.  This section is primarily numbers taken from your Annual Budget and will include objectives such as Sales, Margins, Expenses, Inventory Levels, Hourly Production, etc., depending on your type of operation.  You can edit the form to suit your organization.

Section “B” – Non-Numerical Objectives.  These objectives will include items form the Job Description, as well as special projects and activities.

Section”C” – Core Competencies.  These are basic traits and skills, the importance of which will vary depending on the position.  For example, two items are “Productivity” and “Quality of Work”.  It’s obvious that in some jobs, Productivity may be a very important skill; however, it would be far more important for a brain surgeon to place more emphasis on Quality of Work.

Section “D” – Human Resources.  These are personal attributes of the employee, such as Attitude, Creativity, etc., and different responsibilities may require emphasis on different attributes.

Section “E” – Special Circumstances and Considerations.  This is a section where the Supervisor can allocate points to recognize adjustments based on changes in the operation since the Worplan was prepared at the beginning of the year – positive or negative.

Second, the Workplan / Appraisal for all other employees.  This form is the same as the Management version, except that it does not include the “Numerical Objectives” section.  However, you can use whichever form suits your purposes the best.

Third, the Appraisal Guidelines.  This document outlines the Appraisal scoring, tips for completing the Appraisal and on conducting the Appraisal Interview.

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