Welcome to our Performance Management packages for specific industries. Each package includes the tasks and responsibilities carried out in a typical business in that industry. The forms are readily adaptable so you can adjust the duties based on your particular needs and structure. Most documents are in MS Word for easy editing; the exception is the Workplan / Appraisal, which is in MS Excel. The form will automatically add the points for each section, then produce an overall score.

For each industry, a Job Description, Orientation Checklist, and Workplan / Appraisal are provided for each position. If you have more than one employee in a given position, simply create copies of the Workplan / Appraisal with the appropriate name at the top of each in the space provided. When a new employee is hired, print the Orientation Checklist for the required position, also with the employee’s name in the space provided.

The following packages are now available: