Veterinary Medical Practice

The following elements are included:

  • A Basic Personnel Policy
  • Job Descriptions, Orientation Checklists and Workplan / Appraisals for these positions:
    • Veterinary Medical Receptionist
    • Veterinary Medical Assistant
    • Registered Animal Health Technologist
  • Trained Registered Animal Health Technologist (Senior position)
  • An Employee Career and Training Plan form.
  • A Duty Roster Form.
  • Blank forms for future use.
  • An Implementation Guide to explain how to set up the program and fine-tune the documents to match your needs.
  • Program Guidelines to explain the appraisal process, scoring and conducting appraisal interviews.

This package includes a very comprehensive list of tasks and duties in a typical full-service veterinary practice.

This program is based on the ABVMA TEAM APPROVED TASKS LIST 2008.  Since this is a COMPLETE list of tasks, it is easily customized by simply deleting those that don’t apply to your Veterinary Practice Entity and adjusting Appraisal points accordingly.

Please edit the Personnel Policy to ensure it complies with your state or provincial regulations.

If yours is a small animal clinic only, simply delete all references that apply specifically to large animals. In the event that your business has a different structure, simply re-allocate tasks and responsibilities and revise Job Descriptions, Orientation Checklists and Workplan / Appraisals to match; also adjust Appraisal points as required.

Buy the Vet. Medical Practice Package for $999.00 CDN.