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This website has a very simple mission: To help you and your organization become more productive and your employees to have improved job satisfaction. If yours is a for-profit business, then improving productivity and employee job satisfaction also results in improved profitability.


We have some key tools to help with that mission.

First, Performance Management itself – that’s a program to set up Job Descriptions, Orientation Checklists, Workplan / Appraisals and the related documents and procedures. We can create a custom package specifically for your organization, we can provide the documents and all the steps for you to develop your own program, or we have some prepared packages for specific types of businesses that you can edit yourself, if necessary. Just click on the appropriate tabs to get further details.

Second, we have seminars and workshops to assist you with recruitment and hiring, including Assessment Tools, with staff motivation, with management of stress and for reducing identity theft risk. For an overview, go to:

On the subject of Assessment Tools, we have programs from Profiles International available to help you with recruitment and employee management. For an overview, go to:

Third, we have a unique addition to your organization’s employee group plan – at the employee’s expense, at your expense, or anything in between. For an overview and link to our LegalShield website, go to:

Fourth, we have associates who have a variety of programs and skills to help with your staff training and operational efficiency. For an introduction and links, go to:

So please, take a few minutes to explore this website and let us help you improve productivity and employee job satisfaction.
Contact us at: callcraft@shaw.ca

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