Here are the remaining tips from ScamBusters to help keep you safe from travel scams:

7.  Make sure you get copies of all documents – examples include receipts, your itinerary and the company’s cancellation and refund policies.

8.  Don’t be a victim of the high pressure tactics used by the perpetrators of travel scams.  They will often demand that you accept the offer “today”, or advise you that this is the last day the offer is available.  They don’t want you to do your due diligence to determine that they are, in fact, a fraud.  If it’s such a good deal they should welcome your checking of details.

9.  Don’t pay anything before you get the information.  Some scammers will even demand that you pay for the information.  Legitimate businesses want you to have all the information.

10 . Ask for references and contact them.  Then be wary of references who sound like they are simply repeating what the company told you.

If you think you have been a victim, call police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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