In this post we’ll identify some criminal and some simply unethical activities you might encounter when travelling.

In some countries, specific products may attract your attention.  One good example is hand woven rugs and carpets available in several Middle East and North Africa countries.  While some may be top quality at reasonable prices, others may be expensive but worthless.  Do some homework so you are somewhat knowledgeable about such products and what features to watch for, before spending your money.

 Another popular tourist item is jewellery.  You may find items billed as genuine gems or pure gold, but which instead are only a “pure” scam.  Once again, try to obtain some basic knowledge before spending money on such items.

Last, but not least, may be a situation where you are offered a tour of a famous church, temple or other famous attraction.  However, you then may be informed that the attraction is closed for some holiday, but you’re taken to a souvenir shop where your host or driver is receiving a commission.  This could happen even when the tour was supposed to be in your itinerary.  Be sure the specific tour offer is in writing, if it’s pre-planned, or ask around if it’s a last minute side trip while you’re in the area.  Get some assurance before paying the host, driver or tour guide.

Travel safely!

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