It seems appropriate to write another post on COVID-19 scams, since they continue to evolve.  So here’s a list, along with one simple rule to keep yourself safe.

1. Fraudulent websites, inviting you to click on malicious links so they can steal your information.

2. Links and websites that, if you click, install malicious programs on your computer.

3. E-mail messages of any kind inviting you to click on  a link, attachment or another website; all could be looking for your information and /or your money.

4. E-mails claiming to be from WHO, offering another link to get masks or sanitizers.

5. Fraudulent e-mails or websites made to look like a local church or other religious organization; even mimicking the pastor to solicit contributions or offer gift cards for COVID-19 victims.

Don’t be a victim!  Never provide information, money, or access to money (Bank or credit card information) when they contact you – by mail, in person, phone, text, e-mail, pop-up window or fraudulent website!  Only consider doing so after you verify their legitimacy.  If you’re a victim, call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.  1-888-495-8501

Please tell everyone you know that these activities are scams.

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Please share this information to help keep others safe.