In the last post, we talked about scams involving e-mails, bogus prevention, treatment and cures, as well as fake websites.

Another scam to watch for now is this text message;

            In response to the recent shortage of surgical mask, the Red Cross will be giving one free box     per household.  Visit  to get yours.

First, the Red Cross does not have boxes of face masks to give away for free

Second, going to that site, which is fraudulent, will result in you being asked to make a donation (which goes to the scammer) or for you to pay for shipping and handling (of a product you won’t receive.)

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says you should immediately delete such text messages.

One more scam now going around is a phone call claiming to be from a public health agency.  In this call, the fraudster says the person has tested positive for the coronavirus and, to get a prescription, must provide the scammer with their credit card and health card numbers.  Hang up on these calls.  This scam reported by Nicole Brockbank, CBC, Toronto

  Please tell everyone you know that these activities are scams.

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