Any major news story will attract the attention of criminals.  In March, 2020, nothing makes more headlines that the COVID-19 pandemic, so now is the time to watch for scammers.  Here are some of the scams already appearing, or you can expect to see.

1.  E-mails.  Usually in the form of phishing e-mails, where scammers impersonate various health agencies, insurers and other legitimate, government agencies.  They want your personal information.

2.  Prevention, treatment and cures.  These will be fraudulent products and services appealing to your sense of urgency to prevent or cure your illness.  They want your information and your money.

3.  Websites.  Here they create a new domain name that makes you think it’s part of a legitimate one.  An example might be  You think it’s a department of Walmart, when in fact it is a fraudulent website.  They also want your personal information and your money.

Never fall for their “urgent” appeal – they want you to make a quick decision; do your homework.  For products, check with the legitimate supplier to see if the product and price are legitimate.  There are many approaches which will encourage you to open on an attachment, click on a link, provide information through a phone call or e-mail, or log into a website.

Legitimate health departments and agencies will not use those approaches and won’t ask for payments or Social Insurance Numbers.  Be careful – don’t be a victim!

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