Scammers are doing their best to create new ways to get your money using some aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The newest one involves student loans.

Governments are announcing programs to help individuals with their student loans.  In response, there are offers appearing to come from companies offering to consolidate loans at a very low interest rate.  They may suggest that in some cases they may even be able to forgive the loan with money coming from the government.

They are offering to speak to your lender on your behalf if you simply complete a form.  They tell you they want to represent you and thousands of other students in negotiating with lenders.  What they want is the personal information you’re going to provide on that form.  If you need help with loans, contact your lender or your college or university.  The other source will be government representatives who can access information about available programs

Don’t be too quick to participate in such offers and never provide information when they come to you.  Apply directly to legitimate organizations.  And please tell everyone you know that criminals  are using these tactics.

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