Identity Theft, Frauds and Scams

Identity Theft – Understanding Scope of the Problem
Our series of articles on Identity Theft, Frauds and Scams will cover a variety of issues around the topic – everything from the scope of the problem, where criminals get our information, how they use that information, how to reduce our risk of becoming a victim and the details around the growing number of frauds and scams. We do not profess to be experts on the topics of Identity Theft, Frauds or Scams – other than the criminals, the only experts are a limited number of law enforcement officers and security personnel who specialize in those activities. Based on the new tactics that criminals are continuously developing, even law enforcement and security are probably having some difficulty staying up to date.


Features & Benefits of Performance Planning

Matching Organization and Employee Objectives

This means the program should attempt to match the employee’s career goals and aspirations with those of the company or organization. Some may wonder how that’s possible, but put another way, employees will be most productive if they see their present performance leading to increased responsibilities with possible advancement and higher pay.


Striving for Improvements in Performance or “Killing the Golden Goose”.

Owners and Managers continuously strive for improvements in performance.  That could be the performance of individual employees, the performance of the team and/or the performance of the organization.  It could be in the manufacture of widgets, the sale of those widgets or handling the administrative duties related to those widgets.  Performance Planning is a management tool that can be used to improve productivity and efficiency in all those areas, resulting in improved overall performance.