We have talked about the fact that much of our personal information is in places over which we have no control.  We’ve also pointed out some steps we can take to keep that information safe where we do have control.  In this technological world, the area that appears to be the biggest problem for us – and a great source of information for the criminals, is Social Media.  Many criminals view social media as a primary source for #Identity Theft.  In the June, 2016 issue of MoneySense magazine, an article discusses data compiled by Equifax Canada and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.  “Canadians between the ages of 19 and 35 now account for a whopping 50% of the more than $10 billion annually defrauded through identity theft scams.”

You probably know of situations where individuals have shared personal information unnecessarily on social media.  Each of us has control over that in our own use of social media – let’s use that control!  We may think we’re sharing something with our friends, but technology may be allowing our friends’ friends to also receive that same information.  MoneySense simply says, “Don’t over share personal information (like your home or e-mail address) on social networks.”

This use of social media is now starting long before the age of 19.  Parents should be discussing these dangers with children when the child first starts using social media, insisting that if the child isn’t sure about something, check with a parent before sharing information.  But in many cases, the information may not seem dangerous to the child, which means constant communication and monitoring by parents.  Just one more task added to your “To Do” list!

It has been stated that in the U.S., more than 140,000 children are having their identities stolen each year.  Unfortunately, the theft may not be recognized for many years – until the child is old enough to apply for other documents or cards.

Reduce your risk and that of other people you know, by limiting the personal information you provide through social media.  Prevent #IdentityTheft!

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