It will be surprising to many, but there are still a significant number of people browsing the internet and even doing some business by using only the “Search Line” on the monitor screen.

In our seminars, we use the Royal Bank as an example and demonstrate the result of keying an actual Royal Bank website address on the Search Line.  We get multiple website options and show that screen shot on a slide.  And that is only the first of many pages of website options, some of which are likely fraudulent, duplicated Royal Bank sites.  We then go back and show what happens when we key the same address on the “Address Line”.  That’s the line at the top of the screen that turns blue when you click on it before keying the desired website .  We show the screen shot of that result – only the real Royal Bank Home Page, with no other alternatives.

We keep mentioning how important it is to be pro-active in securing our personal information whenever we do have control over it.  This is a perfect example of control.  Imagine the damage that could be done if someone clicked on a site they thought was their bank and entered banking information and later finding it was criminals receiving and using that information.  The result may be the same as when clicking on a pop-up window.  We should never click on a pop-up window and then provide personal information of any kind.

Rarely will you find an easier way to take control and protect your personal information than by simple making a habit of verifying, by phone if necessary, the exact website address of your intended target organization.  Then keying that exact address on the “Address Line” at the top of the screen.  This is another situation where you should only provide information when you go to the desired website; never provide information when they come to you!

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