Smart phones and tablets are used for a multitude of activities, including “Apps” which are downloaded for various purposes.  Home automation is becoming popular – allowing you to remotely control various equipment items in your home; everything from your refrigerator to your security system.

Internet of Things is when you pair, or connect, your smart phone or tablet with all those consumer products, including your car.  Since you are using the internet to access those products or pieces of equipment, you are also  creating an opportunity for hackers to steal all your data and personal information.

If you feel you have been a victim of this type of criminal activity, report it to the police and get a copy of the police report.  Depending on what you have added to your network, you may also need to contact your insurance company, health care providers, the Credit Bureaus and certainly the Canadian Ant-Fraud Centre.

Having all the convenience of remote control can be very beneficial – just recognize that there are added risks.

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