We continue to receive questions about the Equifax breach from last year, even though it hasn’t been in the news lately.

The first thing to remember is that the breach was at Equifax US , not Equifax Canada.  We understand that only two groups of Canadians who may have had their personal information put at risk.

1.  Any Canadian residents who have U.S. Social Security cards.  We have met one individual who, although an American citizen with a U.S Social Security Card, has lived in Canada for 40 years.  At about the time of the Equifax breach, she received a letter from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) that someone in the U.S. was attempting to use her Social Security number.  With the help of our IDShield Provider, we were able to help her get a form for submission to the IRS to confirm her own identity.

2.  Any Canadians who may have made a major purchase in the U.S., which would have triggered a credit check.  That check would have gone through Equifax.

We also understand that anyone who may have had their information compromised were to receive a letter from Equifax.  We hope that information helps. 

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