Travel and vacation scams are often similar to various rental scams.  The scammer will advertise a vacation property that looks inviting with excellent terms, conditions and pricing.  It usually means that it looks like a good deal and there doesn’t appear to be anything suspicious.

Unfortunately, the pictures may have nothing to do with any real property and the property itself may, or may not, even exist.  There will likely be some pressure to act quickly to take advantage of the offer and to send a deposit.  That will be the end of any contact or transactions – the scammer simply disappears, with your deposit.

Sometimes the offer of such a property may be from someone claiming to be an agent or broker who specializes in vacation rental properties. They may suggest they represent a travel company which sounds legitimate.  A common practice is for the “agent” to claim that there are many buyers interested in the property, so to take advantage of the offer you must act quickly to send your deposit.  There may even be an added charge to facilitate fast processing of the deposit.

Never be pressured into sending money quickly.  Check with the property owner if possible, check public records and online reviews to make sure the property is as listed.  And don’t pay the fees or deposits by wire transfers or debit cards.

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