Many of us are in the habit of carrying various pieces of identification most of the time.  Some of that identification, and the information it contains, needs to be carried with us – an example is our Driver’s License.  And no doubt we need our credit cards on a regular basis.  Not only may we need those pieces of identification, the Driver’s License also provides Photo ID.  But two things to keep in mind:  First, criminals now have the technology to create their own forged Driver’s License using all of your information and their own picture that’s #IdentityTheft!.  Second, Credit Cards can be copied, at least to the extent that the number can be transferred to a blank card (white card with a mag stripe).  Those examples simply indicate the risks if our wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

Another issue is the fact that most of us carry information that isn’t necessary.  The two best examples are Birth Certificate and Social Insurance Card.  Police tell us that we should never  carry those documents with us unless we need them where we are going!  There are two reasons for that:  First, if you lose your wallet or purse, or have them stolen, the criminals love to have those documents to completely steal your identity; they can literally become you – that’s complete #IdentiyTheft!  Second, if you keep those pieces of identification in a safe place at home or safety deposit box, and your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, you still have those cards to re-create your identity.

Another step you can take to speed up the process of restoring your identity is to make a photocopy of all your personal information.  The only caution there is that you should use a photocopier over which you have some control.  Most copiers now capture and retain everything that is ever scanned.  This topic will be covered in more detail in the next issue.

While it’s fresh in your mind, look at all the cards and personal information you have in your wallet or purse right now.  Remove whatever you won’t need the next time you leave home.  Let’s take control of the information over which we already have the ability to control!

Prevent #IdentityTheft!

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