Family Plan Overview

  • Advice – Unlimited personal topics
  • Letters and Phone Calls on your behalf – Available at the discretion of your law firm – Unlimited personal topics, (one per non-related matter)
  • Legal Document Review – Contracts/documents up to 15 pages each – Unlimited number of personal documents, one business document per year
  • Standard Will Preparation – Standard Will with yearly reviews / updates for member and member’s spouse at no extra cost.  Includes Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney (Note: If the Provider Law Firm arranges for Wills, Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney to be executed at their offices, the fee is $35 for named member, and $35 for spouse.  Yearly reviews/updates follow the same fee schedule as initial Wills, Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney.)  Members may choose to have documents executed by any Commissioner for Oaths.
  • Mortgage Review and Consultation:  Your law firm can prepare mortgage documents for the purchase of your primary residence, as required by the borrower by the lending institution.
  • *Uncontested Separation or Annulment: Your law firm will provide services and representation, when needed, to the named member for uncontested legal separation or uncontested civil annulment.*
  • *Uncontested Divorce:  Your law firm will provide services and representation, when needed, for an uncontested divorce when both parties agree in writing without negotiation by the lawyer, and when net material assets of the marriage are under $500,000.  The divorce must comply with the requirements set forth in the Divorce Act.*
  • *Uncontested Adoption:  Your law firm will provide services and representation when needed, for uncontested adoption proceedings.*
  • *Uncontested Name Change:  Your law firm will provide services and represent you, if required, for uncontested name change.*
  • *These services are available 90 consecutive days after the effective date of the membership.
  • Speeding Tickets: Snap  a photo of your citation and let your dedicated law firm assist with non-criminal moving traffic matters.
  • Criminal Defense for Death Related Traffic Accidents:  Get advice and representation for criminal charges of manslaughter, negligent homicide and vehicular homicide.
  • Driver’s License Assistance:  Your law firm will provide 2.5 hours of assistance to help with driver’s license reinstatement.
  • Property Damage Collection:  Your dedicated law firm will help you collect property damage claims of $5,000 or less for damage as a result of driving, riding in or being struck by any motor vehicle or boat.  You may receive up to 2.5 hours of lawyer assistance per incident.
  • Trial Defense: Your law firm will provide a scheduled number of hours for representation if you are named accused in a covered civil action.
  • Canada Revenue Agency Assistance:  Receive a scheduled number of hours from your law firm for advice, consultation, negotiations and representation if audited by CRA for your personal tax return.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service:  Get 24/7/365 access to a lawyer if your legal rights, freedoms or liberties are being denied or threatened.  Call 1-877-825-3797 for after-hours legal consultation on covered emergencies.
  • 25% off additional legal services: You may continue to use your Provider Law Firm for legal situations that extend beyond plan coverage. The additional services are at a discount of 25% off the standard hourly rate. You will receive a 33.3% discount from the standard hourly rate for representation should you need legal services that must be performed outside of a lawyer’s office. Hourly rates for Provider Law Firms and court appearances may vary. A retainer fee will be required for services for this benefit.
  • For plan details and Member Application, please visit 
  • Note: * This service is available 90 consecutive days after the effective date of the membership.

Membership: $32.95 per month.


  • Unlimited Service Guarantee:  We don’t give up until your identity is restored.  If you become a victim of identity theft, our Identity Theft Specialists will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to help recover and restore your identity to its pre-theft status.
  • Counsel When You Need It:  You don’t need to have an issue to consult with one of our Identity Theft Specialists.  They are available to advise you on best practices to help keep your identity safe.  We’re here to help, no matter what.
  • Continuous Credit Monitoring:  We monitor your identity from every angle, not just your Social Insurance Number, credit cards and bank accounts.  We check to see if the details connected to your identity are safe.  If any change in your status occurs, you’ll receive an alert on your member dashboard and via e-mail.  By watching your TransUnion report, IDShield provides you with a view of your valuable credit standing.
  • Credit Reports:  You will receive your TransUnion credit report upon authentication of your credit profile.  Your initial credit score will be delivered with the report.  Canadian credit reports utilize Credit Vision scoring models.
  • Credit Monitoring:  We monitor your TransUnion credit report daily.  You will receive an alert if a change occurs or an inquiry is made.
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracker:  The credit score tracker allows you to watch your TransUnion credit score on a monthly basis with a graphical map that shows a 12-month historic view* of your credit trends from the past year – staring at the time of enrollment.  *Complete 12-month historic view available following the first 12 months of membership.
  • Personal Internet Monitoring: IDShield monitors the surface, deep and dark web as well as underground forums and file sharing sources – in search of your PII (Personal Identifiable Information).  When an exact match of your monitored information is found, you will receive an e-mail alert.
  • Comprehensive Dark Web Monitoring:  We scan global black-market websites, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels, peer-to-peer sharing networks and more for matches of your PII.
  • Data Sweep:  Provides an early warning system by scanning public directories on the internet for your PII, including your mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  You will receive an alert on your member dashboard and via e-mail should your information be discovered.
  • Wallet Lock:  Offers secure storage of items in your wallet, such as credit card and driver’s license numbers, in case your wallet becomes lost or stolen.
  • E-mail Breach Status:  IDShield will perform a real-time search of breach websites to determine if your e-mail address has been compromised in a date breach.
  • We Monitor the Following Information:   Name                                  Date of birth               Social Insurance Number          Address      Driver’s License         Credit/Debit Cards                       Passport Number Phone Numbers         Bank Account Numbers             E-mail Addresses  Medical ID Number
  • Who is covered:  Individual: The member only   Family Plan:  Covers the primary member and their spouse /partner.  Additionally, provides consultation and restoration benefits to 10 dependent children up to the age of 26 who permanently live in the same residence as the named member or are a full-time student.  IDShield also provides information for the member and their spouse /partner to receive their Canadian credit reports.
  • Identity Theft Service Exclusions – Any Stolen Identity Event where the victim is unwilling to prosecute. Any dishonest acts if the Member(s) that suffered the fraud personally participated in, directed or had knowledge of such acts. Membership services do not cover any financial losses attributed to the Stolen Identity Event. Pre-existing Stolen Identity Event
  • Limitations: If either the victim had knowledge of, or reasonably should have had knowledge of, the pre-existing Stolen Identity Event based on information provided to them prior to enrollment in the program. Business names or business activity are not covered.
  • For plan details and Member Application, please visit

Membership: Individual – $14.95 per month;  Family Plan – $29.95  per month.

Small Business Essentials, Plus and Pro

Small Business                Essentials             Plus                 Pro

Designated Users:               2                        3                        5

Advice, Consultation & Research

                        Unlimited number of covered business legal matters.

Letters / Phone Calls* 

                                     10 each year          20 each year          40 each year

                                    Limit 3 /mo.          Limit 5 /mo.           Limit 10 /mo.

Designated Phone Consult. 3 – 30 min.      5 – 30 min.             5 – 30 min.

Document Review       10 /year                20 /year                  40 /year 

                          Up to 15 pages each     20 pages each        25 pages each     

                       Additional available for $75 each  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>         

Collection Letters        5 /mo.                   10 /mo.                    15 /mo.         

                        Additional available for $75 each  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Trademark and Copyright Services   

                               25%  Discount          1 /year                    1 /year   

                                        Additional for $500 each              $250 each

Employee Handbook       

                                    25% Discount          $750 each            $500 each

Custom Contract Drafting     

                                   25% Discount           $250 each,            $250 each,     

                                                                        Up to 25 pages >>>>>>

CRA Audit Services            

                                   25% Discount     25 hours legal help    50 hours legal help 

Interprovincial Services  

               Essentials – Available for designated consultations   

               Plus – Half of services can be used for out-of-province matters     

               Pro – Services can be used for out-of-province matters

25% Member Discount – On additional business legal matters >>> 

Monthly Membership:     Essentials – $49     Plus – $99     Pro – $169

This is a general overview of your Individual and Family Legal Plan,  Identity Theft Plan and Small Business Plan coverage for illustration purposes only. See a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions. LegalShield and IDShield are also available as part of an Employee Group Plan

Contact us at and visit our LegalShield website at