Some businesses have been offering a variety of bogus COVID-19 preventatives, treatments and cures.  Authorities are attempting to eliminate such advertising and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has said they have received more than 49,000 claims, with victim losses of more than $35 million.

The newest scam involves CBD oil.  Besides regular advertising, you may receive e-mails or texts as part of the fraudulent marketing.  As you probably know, CBD oil and related products have been approved for treatment of certain types of anorexia and seizures, but none have been approved for preventing or treatment of COVID-19.  In fact, there is little evidence that such products have an antiviral properties at all.

Several websites promoting these products for COVID-19 have been taken down, but there will continue to be scammers trying to use virus fears to separate you from your money.  Be aware of legitimate-sounding names using such promotion and advertising – don’t be a victim!

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