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Callcraft Consulting has been helping businesses and organizations improve productivity and employee job satisfaction for more than 14 years. The programs and related documents, as well as seminars and workshops, have been developed based on more than 35 years in business operations and management. This website has been established to make these valuable tools available to a wider range of business and organization owners and managers.

Our Mission Statement: The Mission of Callcraft Consulting is to provide clients with excellent value and performance results through programs and services to improve productivity and employee job satisfaction.

Our Vision Statement: Callcraft Consulting will be recognized as providing programs and services which are the best value in the industry, are practical and effective and make direct contributions to our clients’ success.

Our Values Statement: Callcraft Consulting contributes to client success while operating with the highest standards of integrity, empathy and social responsibility.


Visit our Performance Planning page for an overview of the three versions available to you: our Custom Program just for your organization, our Do-It-Yourself Program, providing you with seven distinct Modules to develop your own program and our complete Industry Specific packages that may require only a bit of editing for your business. Click here.

LEGALSHIELD AND IDENTITY THEFT SHIELD: A Group Plan to assist with recruitment and staff retention.  Visit our LegalShield page and then the link to our LegalShield website for details on the program available in your area. Click here.


For an Overview of the Profiles International programs we have available, click here.

We have articles on Performance Planning and what you can expect from the complete and consistent implementation of such a program. Come back to visit this page often, as we will be adding articles periodically.


Visit our Associates’ page for information on services provided by Darel Baker, Keldar Leadership, who specializes in leadership training, and Alain Gauthier, ClickPlay2Learn, who specializes in insurance industry training.  Click here.




  • Advice – Unlimited topics, personal or business, even on pre-existing conditions and situations
  • Letters and Phone Calls on your behalf – Available at the discretion of your law firm – Unlimited personal topics, two business topics per year (one per non-related matter)
  • Legal Document Review – Contracts/documents up to 10 pages each – Unlimited number of personal documents, one business document per year
  • Standard Will Preparation – Standard Will with yearly reviews / updates for member at no extra cost – Available to covered family members for $30 each – Includes Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney (Note: If the Provider Law Firm arranges for Wills, Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney to be executed at another law firm, the fee is $50 for named member, and $50 for covered family members who get theirs executed at the same time; otherwise $75 per person. Yearly reviews/updates follow the same fee schedule as initial Wills, Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney.)
  • 24/7 Emergency Service – After hours legal consultation for covered legal emergencies such as: if you’re arrested or detained, if you’re seriously injured, if you’re served with a warrant, or if the state tries to take your child(ren).
  • 25% off additional legal services: You may continue to use your Provider Law Firm for legal situations that extend beyond plan coverage. The additional services are at a discount of 25% off the standard hourly rate. You will receive a 33.3% discount from the standard hourly rate for representation should you need legal services that must be performed outside of a lawyer’s office. Hourly rates for Provider Law Firms and court appearances may vary. A retainer fee will be required for services for this benefit.

Membership: $26.00 per month for a family; $23.00 per month for single; one-time enrolment fee of $10.00.


  • Expedited Consumer Credit Disclosure – Receive a copy of your current credit disclosure and we’ll help you obtain it at no extra cost.
  • Credit Request – By ordering your consumer credit disclosure regularly, you will be actively involved in helping to monitor your own credit information. You can request an up-to-date consumer credit disclosure anytime you want, just complete and mail the forms we provide. Your credit file will be provided to you free of charge by the credit bureau as required by provincial credit reporting legislation.
  • Identity Restoration Services – The experts in identity theft restoration will step in and take over the restoration process for you, should you face an identity theft issue. They will customize the solution and work on your behalf to correct identity theft issues with affected agencies and institutions. – Fraud alert notifications will be sent on your behalf to both credit bureaus. – Fraud investigators will work with credit card companies, financial institutions, utility companies, agencies, and other organizations that may be affected.
  • Identity Theft Service Exclusions – Any Stolen Identity Event where the victim is unwilling to prosecute. Any dishonest acts if the Member(s) that suffered the fraud personally participated in, directed or had knowledge of such acts. Membership services do not cover any financial losses attributed to the Stolen Identity Event. Pre-existing Stolen Identity Event
  • Limitations: If either the victim had knowledge of, or reasonably should have had knowledge of, the pre-existing Stolen Identity Event based on information provided to them prior to enrolment in the program. Business names or business activity are not covered.

Membership: $9.95 per month if added to LegalShield membership; $12.95 per month alone.

This is a general overview of your Legal Plan and Identity Theft Plan coverage for illustration purposes only. See a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions. These programs are also available as part of an Employee Group Plan

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Performance Planning

Performance Planning Program Overviews

In this Overview, we’ll describe what Performance Planning is, briefly review the various features and benefits, and demonstrate how and why it’s an integral part of your overall Business Plan and Budgeting process. Employees like to know when they’re doing a good job and this program will help you communicate that. Also, we believe that no employee should be fired for bad behavior or poor performance and have it come as a surprise. A basic Personnel Policy will usually handle the “bad behavior” part and the appraisal system will take care of the “poor performance” aspect.

So, what is Performance Planning? It’s a program to formally set and measure individual employee responsibilities and objectives. When all employees meet their individual objectives, the organization as a whole will likely meet its objectives. This program will create a set of responsibilities and objectives for each position, assigning them to the employees in those positions, then continuously and consistently evaluate how well those responsibilities and objectives were met. This program includes a process for employees to provide feedback to the organization, identify their own career aspirations and then match their personal objectives with those of the organization wherever possible. That’s what leads to improved employee job satisfaction. This program provides tools to help recruit and hire the right people, help them be responsible and accountable, while feeling good about being part of a winning team.

Let’s review features and benefits of a complete Performance Planning program.

1. Matching Organization and Employee Objectives

This means the program should attempt to match the employee’s career goals and aspirations with those of the company or organization. That process leads to improved employee job satisfaction and satisfied employees are more productive employees.

2. Identifying company expectations.

As Owners and Managers, we often assume that all the employee needs to know is what tasks and responsibilities are to be carried out at any given time.  However, they also need to know how to perform the task and the level of excellence expected.

3. Identifying responsibilities for specific time periods

A key element in any Performance Planning program is a regular, consistent series of appraisals.
A Performance Planning program should provide fixed time frames over which their formal evaluations or appraisals will take place.

4. Identifying consequences of performance and behaviour.

Owners and Managers want management tools that help them easily and conveniently monitor and document behavior and performance. The Personnel Policy should identify the company’s expectations of the employee and also explain what the employee can expect from the company.
Performance Appraisals outline the objectives and responsibilities of the position, along with appropriate timelines. Employees need to know in advance what the consequences of good and bad performance and behavior are, not at the end of their employment.

5. Provides consistency in performance and behaviour evaluation.

Weighting of objectives and responsibilities also assists in making appraisals consistent among all employees. Employees are very aware when supervisors appear to use different standards, depending on who is being evaluated. Without consistent evaluation, employees may feel they aren’t progressing and that may lead to reduced job satisfaction and even a higher staff turnover rate.

6. Reducing the need for day-to-day supervision.

Owners and managers want to take the least amount of time assigning various duties and responsibilities. Much of that time can be avoided if Job Descriptions clearly identify key objectives and responsibilities. In addition, we find that by using Workplans that allocate points to objectives and responsibilities based on their importance, employees know automatically which duties need to take priority.

7. It Reduces “Crisis Management” Situations

Virtually every organization occasionally encounters situations that may be viewed as a “crisis”, by other employees, by customers or clients and / or by owners and shareholders.  Those situations can be reduced through the Job Descriptions and the Organizational Chart, which indicates lines of authority.  That will tend to provide the necessary “decision making” ability.

8. Provides a continuous record of employee’s skill development.

As mentioned previously, formal performance appraisals should be completed 2 to 4 times each year; informal progress discussions should be held more often. Employees appreciate having documentation of their skill development. Formal appraisals allow the employee and the supervisor to concentrate on responsibilities that capitalize on basic strengths and, wherever possible, use coaching and training to develop lesser skills.

9. Helping facilitate delegation.

When Owners and Managers who start out with only one or two employees, they are quite capable of defining and monitoring performance and behavior. However, as the organization grows in the number of employees, it becomes increasingly difficult to do so. They then want a management tool that will help with delegation while assisting with development of employee supervisory skills.  A complete and consistent Performance Planning process will do that.

10. Major contributor to IMPROVED PERFORMANCE

All those features and benefits combine to provide improved performance and employee job satisfaction, leading directly to improved performance of the entire organization and profitability. Performance and job satisfaction go hand in hand and when we have both, we are likely to demonstrate greater overall profitability.

A more detailed review of the above Features and Benefits can be found posted to our Articles page.

Mission Statement

We strongly recommend that if you don’t already have one, you should develop a Mission Statement for your organization. A Mission Statement is primarily a statement indicating your organization’s reason for existence. In other words, what do you do as an organization. Your Mission Statement should be simple, realistic and communicate easily what you’re doing, while demonstrating the value of your efforts to both employees and customers. It can indicate who you’re serving, the products and / or services being offered and what makes those products and / or services special or unique to your organization.

Vision Statement

It is valuable to develop a Vision Statement to serve as your inspiration. It should be an emotional statement about where you expect to be in the future; a long term projection.

Values Statement

A Values Statement should be your guiding principles and core beliefs. It may indicate your morals and ethics, as well as speak to your feelings toward responsibility, recognition of individual differences and what you provide to society.

Our Performance Planning Program and the related documents come in three distinct forms:


A customized package for your specific business or organization. We will work with you directly to develop and implement the entire program and provide follow-up assistance with your first set of employee appraisals.

Click here for details on our Custom Performance Planning Program.


A series  of Modules with guidelines and forms to allow you to develop your own Do-It-Yourself customized Performance Planning Package.

Click here for details on our Do-It-Yourself Performance Planning Program.


A generic package for each of several specific industries or business types. Each package includes the following:

  • A basic Personnel Policy
  • A Job Description for each position typically found in that particular industry
  • An Orientation Checklist for each of those same positions
  • A combination Workplan / Appraisal for each of those same positions
  • An Employee Career and Training Plan form
  • A Duty Roster form
  • Blank forms for future use
  • An Implementation Guide to explain how to set up the program and fine tune the documents to match your needs
  • Program Guidelines to explain the use of the program, how to score appraisals and how to conduct appraisal interviews

Click here for a list of industry programs now available for download and the specific positions in those industries.

Seminars and Workshops

1. Performance Planning

This is the half-day seminar / workshop version of the complete program. The session begins with a review of what Performance Planning is and what it can accomplish for a business or organization. Emphasis is on improving overall efficiency and productivity, as well as improving employee job satisfaction. The Program’s features and benefits are explained to demonstrate simplicity, practicality and effectiveness. Participants will create an actual Job Description and Orientation Checklist for one of their positions. Then a Workplan / Appraisal will be prepared for one of their employees, including completion of the actual appraisal. This is an excellent session for your supervisory personnel.

The Performance Planning Seminar / Workshop is available only as an On-site, Live presentation.   Contact us for details at

2. Hire for HIPPA, Train for Skill ©

This seminar discusses recruitment and hiring practices for maximum long-term productivity and performance. It concentrates on the importance of Personal Attributes, in particular, Honesty, Integrity, Personality, Perseverance and Attitude. Most organizations find that “Promotion from Within” has many advantages; however, it can only be effective if the right candidates have been recruited for entry level positions. New employees must have the attributes necessary to justify expenditures on training. Learn the best ways to hire employees with the attributes necessary for a stable and productive work force.

This seminar is accredited by the Alberta Insurance Council for Continuing Education credits.  Approximately 70 to 90 minutes depending on Workshop time

Online version for Continuing Education Credits – Register Now – $79.00

Regular version, including Profiles International Appendix – Order Now – $79.00

This Seminar / Workshop is also available as an On-site, Live presentation.  Contact us for details at

3. Raising Your HIPPA Standards = Success ©

There are two version of this session – one for employees and one for students. This session discusses how students and employees can enhance employment opportunities, improve performance and overcome obstacles to advancement by raising their own standards of Honesty, Integrity, Personality, Perseverance and Attitude. Participants learn how employers define superior employees and how they, in turn, can become those employees through improving their personal attributes. Employers want employees with the right behavioral tendencies and participants learn how their personal choices create those tendencies. This seminar is accredited by the Alberta Insurance Council for Continuing Education credits.

Online version for Continuing Education Credits – Register Now – $79.00

Online Regular version, including Profiles International Appendix – Order Now – $79.00

This Seminar / Workshop is also available as an On-site, Live presentation.  Contact us for details at

4. Managing Stress – The Serenity Principle

In this seminar / workshop, we define stress, discuss the causes of stress, the relationship of physical and emotional stress and the need to determine which issues or causes are controllable. The session will aid in identifying which are controllable, along with developing an Action Plan to deal with them. Participants will learn how to manage stress by balancing situational demands and the resources needed to cope with them. The Action Plan is a practical roadmap to the ultimate goal – Serenity, a total absence of stress. The session also identifies six key Stress Prevention Factors that can be used to prevent stress – providing the individual with the resources to meet situational demands.  90 to 120 minutes, depending on Workshop time.

Online version – Order Now- $99.00

This Seminar / Workshop is also available as an On-site, Live presentation.  Contact us for details at

5. Identity Theft

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in North America. The Canadian Privacy Commissioner has stated that for criminals, Identity Theft is now more lucrative than the drug trade. Learn how to get the experts on your side, how to reduce your risk, what to do if your identity is stolen and how to get it restored. Examples of Identity Theft are provided so participants are better able to reduce their risk by recognizing potential threats. Since personal information, and the security of it, may be different for the individual than it is for a business or organization, the session content can be adapted to best suit the audience. This session is updated regularly to keep pace with new developments in Identity Theft; for example, the new technology associated with Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is now common on credit cards and increasingly on passports. This session is a must, in order to better cope with the growing risk.

This seminar is available only as an On-site, Live Presentation.  The only cost is for travel – contact us for details at